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Siemens Teachers as Researchers (STARs)

A Siemens Foundation Initiative

Helpful Tips


Thank you for your interest in the Siemens Foundation Summer of Learning Programs! Below you will find some useful tips and hints that will help you complete the application.   



  • The application requires two essays, a video, and recommendation. We strongly suggest starting as soon as possible to ensure you fully complete all components of the application by February 4.


Tips for Completing the Recommendation Sheet

  • Remember to provide the recommendation sheet link, provided to you in the “Recommendation” tab of the application, to your recommender as soon as possible.  It is your responsibility to provide the correct link to your recommender and ensure that they have submitted the recommendation sheet before the application close date.
  • Be sure to give your recommender adequate time to complete and submit the rating sheet.
  • A notification email will be sent to you and your recommender once they have submitted a complete rating sheet. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder.


Tips for Creating, Sharing and “Unlisting” Your Video

  • All applicants must provide a YouTube URL for the video component of the application. You will not be able to upload any video files in the application.
  • You can post your video as “unlisted” by following the instructions here. This means that the video cannot be found in YouTube’s public space and only people with the link can view the video. Please make sure it is not posted as "private," or the judges will not be able to view it.
  • Your video should be two minutes or less in length. If your video is longer than two minutes, judges will only score the first two minutes.
  • Make sure you choose one of the two options provided in the application to address in your video.
  • If you are including any students in your video, make sure you have received legal permission from their parents to include them.
  • Your video will not be scored based on technical quality. Judges are interested in seeing who you are as a teacher and want to see your passion for STEM education shine through in the video.


General Tips and Guidance

  • Keep in mind that the goal of the selection process is to identify a diverse group of educators from across the country who will each be able to greatly benefit from the program but will also each offer a unique perspective to the experience.  The final group of Fellows chosen for the programs will be diverse in terms of:
    • Teaching experience
    • Geographics (both region of the country and urban/suburban/rural)
    • Grade & subjects taught
    • School demographics


If you need help with anything else in the application, send us an email to




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