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Patti Duncan's Top Ten STEM Resources Webinar

Author: Patti Duncan

STEM education expert Patti Duncan shares her top ten STEM resources to to help get you started on your way to making STEM part of your everyday classroom.  She'll share and explore her favorite sites to give you all the tools you need to spark your students' interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 


To learn more about Patti, click here.

Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematicsIntegrationInspiration
Grade Level:  3456789101112

Sarah Ferreira says:
04-Aug-12 08:10 PM

When will the webinars start for the school year 2012-13?

Rebecca Langomes says:
17-Jul-12 06:56 PM

i cannot connect to the webinar

Treva Haynes says:
20-Mar-12 11:59 AM

This webinar was very helpful...from beginning to end...the definition and connection to problem-solving, designing, outside-the-box, collaboration, and marketing and sharing information...thanks...

Julie Bisgaard says:
04-Dec-11 12:35 PM

It looks like a great resource for finding STEM information/resources/activities. I'm anxious to explore the links.

jackie Cox says:
16-Oct-11 06:54 PM

This was a phenomenal workshop. I can't wait to explore all these sites and infuse these ideas into my science classes. Thanks!

Karen Freidt says:
18-Jul-11 10:59 AM

Good afternoon, Please feel free to use these videos. Taping into our creative abilities and enhancing them at any age is the key to a successful, innovative, fulfilling career. Understanding how to tie your passion to your work, knowing hard work and persistence are necessary and finding ways to combat your fears so you regularly try new things are all essential parts of success. TEDxYouth@NASA - Karen Freidt - NASA: It's Not All Rocket Science NASA iSeries: Understanding Your Creative Genius Thank you, Karen

Debora Garrick says:
20-Feb-11 07:48 AM

Fantasic information.Great presentation about STEM. I especially liked the explanation of what STEM was or as not.

Jorge Garcia says:
11-May-10 09:40 PM

Ms. Acree: If you click on the "Webinar Resource Top" within the Resource Files frame (upper right on page)you can donwload a PDF file of Ms. Duncan's handout.

Paul Tennyson says:
17-Apr-10 05:34 PM

Patti, thanks to you and your team for helping to bring these STEM resources together in an easy to access format!

Lauren Watson says:
11-Apr-10 04:05 PM

Patti, Thank you for the explanation about Stem, and making this webinar available for us to attend. I just learned about Stem, and the Seimen's Academy website. As I previewing the resources, I stumpled across the webinar, clicked to listen, and WOW!- great job. Thanks for taking us through the website. I'm so excited about the resources you shared with us, and will be using these with my students.

Christine Kelly says:
09-Apr-10 03:46 PM

Thanks so much for the explanation about STEM education. The list of resources and sections of the STEM website were especially helpful WOW! Looks like Siemens STEM has the teachers covered for resources, links, programs, and for students as well. Thanks Patti for yuor helpful summary of the "Top 10!"

Shelly Acree says:
02-Mar-10 03:52 PM

I listened in to the webinar archive about top ten resources. I couldn't copy the resources page. How do I get a list of the sites you talked about?

Clare Devine says:
24-Feb-10 10:04 AM

great basic information, nice presentation Thank you.

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