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Adventure to the Arctic Circle, the Earth's Air Conditioner

Author: Philippe Cousteau and Dr. Eduard Sarukhanian

Presented by Philippe Cousteau and Dr. Eduard Sarukhanian

Thursday, June 2, 2011, 1pm ET

For Classrooms (Middle School Focus) 


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The Arctic region is the air conditioner of our planet, responsible for regulating our global climate system. Interestingly, scientists know more about many planets in our solar system than they do about the Arctic Ocean. Join Philippe Cousteau, Discovery Education’s Chief Spokesperson for Environmental Education and grandson of oceanic explorer Jacques Cousteau, as he takes your students on a journey to the Arctic. Following recent filming in the Arctic for a CNN documentary, Philippe will share his first-hand account of the changes taking place in this region due to climate change, including glacier and sea ice melting, and the changes in the makeup and temperature of the Arctic Waters.

Then, Dr. Eduard Sarukhanian, an oceanographer and polar climate expert from the World Meteorological Organization who has worked on the International Polar Year, will further explain the science behind the changes taking place in the Arctic. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and will walk away with a better understanding of the role the Arctic plays in our global climate system and in their daily lives, and what they can do to make a difference.

See Philippe Cousteau presenting live from Discovery's World Headquarters outside of Washington, D.C. Dr. Eduard Sarukhanian will be calling in from the World Meteorological Organization Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.



Subjects:  Science
Grade Level:  5678910

Ravae Johnson says:
02-Jun-11 01:02 PM

Thanks for providing this webinar - will it be available for rewatching?

Trish Patterson says:
02-Jun-11 12:08 PM

Today 18 7th graders are very curious about the Artic. Connecting to Webinar now.

Diane Fromm says:
02-Jun-11 12:01 PM

This our first webinar-hope we can figure out how it is done.

Sue Coffey says:
02-Jun-11 11:33 AM

How timely-we just finished our unit on greenhouse gases and global warming. Looking forward to this.

Michael Meredith says:
02-Jun-11 09:57 AM

Thank you for providing this resource.

Alison Santoro says:
02-Jun-11 08:24 AM

Looking forward to it-- 8th grade

Siemens STEM Academy says:
02-Jun-11 08:10 AM

Here is the link to join:

Eileen Shaud says:
02-Jun-11 07:40 AM

Sounds interesting! Thank you.

Jacqueline Healey says:
02-Jun-11 06:17 AM

Looking forward to watching with my students.

Shannon Eshleman says:
01-Jun-11 11:17 PM

Sounds very engaging for students!

Siemens STEM Academy says:
01-Jun-11 12:20 PM

There seems to be an issue with Internet Explorer. To download the lesson plan while we fix this, please use Mozilla Firefox or a different browser. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sara says:
01-Jun-11 11:14 AM

Will it be posted after the live webinar? It is during our lunch time!

Siemens STEM Academy says:
01-Jun-11 11:11 AM

You can download the lesson plan from the Classroom Connections box on this page. You must register for the Siemens STEM Academy site (free) in order to download resources, even if you have registered for the webinar already separately. You can register here:

debora hubbard says:
01-Jun-11 10:25 AM

we are a group of teachers watching

Debbie Bohanan says:
29-May-11 02:51 PM

This is perfect! We just concluded our unit on ecosystems! My class is looking forward to the presentation!

amy sanchez says:
28-May-11 10:44 AM

i rely like this educational pogram

Madeline Gottemoeller says:
25-May-11 04:30 PM

School will be over, but my high school ecology club might be interested in coming in to watch. Not sure but will check.

Elaine Smith says:
18-May-11 07:40 PM

Would it be appropriate for 4th graders to participate? I think they would love to listen in. How long is the program?

Margarita Sohel says:
18-May-11 01:34 PM

I am going to ask my adult education students who are preparing for the GED test to participate as they prepare for the Science part of the test. Thanks for the opportunity.

Christina Johnson says:
18-May-11 09:21 AM

Very interested in viewing!

Cathy Page says:
18-May-11 09:20 AM


Mike says:
17-May-11 06:42 PM

Would my class of second grade students be able to view this webinar? We have been studying polar animals and their habitat?

Dana Threatt says:
17-May-11 10:58 AM

I would love to partiCipate; this will be a great opportunity for my students

sharlee Hollingsworth says:
17-May-11 10:21 AM

I am a homeschool mom. May I participate in this with my 6th grade son?

Ryann says:
17-May-11 10:09 AM

Wondering about how to best set up the students to watch. Will it be a voice only, or a live video situation?

Amanda Martin says:
17-May-11 09:46 AM

Looking forward to the webinar.

Rita Crocker says:
17-May-11 08:17 AM

I would love for my summer school class to participate.

Deborah Roche says:
17-May-11 07:29 AM

I am looking forward to this presentation. I will not have any students this summer however,may I participate from my home desktop? Deborah Roche Shelby County School District Shadowlawn Middle Lab Supervisor 6th 7th 8th Memphis, TN

Katie O'Hare says:
16-May-11 07:21 PM

@Krista, we'd love to have you participate! Simply click on Register and follow the instructions.

krista wright says:
16-May-11 02:19 PM

I would like to participate.

Susan Margolis says:
16-May-11 11:23 AM

Our 8th graders will be interested in seeing this!

Debbie Orendorf says:
16-May-11 09:20 AM

Est-il en anglais or en fran├žais? Est-ce que nous avons besoin de quelqu-un qui parle fran├žais et qui peut traduire?

lori ondos says:
16-May-11 09:15 AM

5th grade students

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