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STEM Connect Webinar

How Math Can Solve Everyday Problems

Author: STEM Academy

March 9, 2010 at 1pm ET

For Classrooms

Would your students be surprised to learn that math can solve questions like, “Does he/she really like me?” or “Am I really ready for the test tomorrow?” Ask the numbers. This fun webinar uses basic algebra and a healthy helping of humor to provide fail-safe solutions to just about anything. Simply list the factors, build an equation, enter your numbers, solve, and voila—the world is yours! Bestselling author Garth Sundem will show students how to use math to solve everyday problems in life, and they’ll learn a thing or two about the design and solving of algebraic equations at the same time. Your students will see that math can be fun—and funny, too!

Subjects:  Mathematics
Grade Level:  789101112
Keywords:  webinar math fun algebra equations
Types:  Virtual Events

Edna Ehwarieme says:
25-Sep-11 05:54 PM

Is it possible to make almost every decision using equations?

Cheryl Tierney says:
13-May-10 04:26 PM

Shorter problem--less wordy and more visuals.

Fellers Steve says:
20-Mar-10 01:14 PM

Great for students that are not Math-Heads . . . which is most kids in my class.

Erik says:
11-Mar-10 05:24 PM

Susan, what problems did you encounter downloading the archive? You need to register and login before you can download the webinar.

Susan Fox says:
11-Mar-10 12:40 PM

was not able to download webinar

Barbara nantz says:
08-Mar-10 09:37 PM

Sounds like a great topic. I will download it later. I have not hear of Garth Sundem, but will look into other things he has done. This sounds like what my students need. Thanks.

LaQuina Johnson says:
08-Mar-10 12:19 PM

I will like to see via webinar since I have class at 1:00pm

Liz says:
08-Mar-10 08:50 AM

I understand the webinar will be archived. Do participants need to be registered in order to access it at a later date?

Jackie says:
05-Mar-10 10:38 AM

How long will the webinar be available for download once it is archived?

Krystal says:
25-Feb-10 03:11 PM

Come back to this page following the webinar and you will have access to the archived webinar.

vickie murray says:
18-Feb-10 08:16 AM

I will attend this seminar

Mike says:
17-Feb-10 10:19 AM

I understand that the webinar will be archived but should I still register if I wish to view it at a later time? How do I view it later?

Shana says:
16-Feb-10 06:44 PM

Thank you Erik!

Erik says:
16-Feb-10 06:38 PM

The webinar will be archived and available for download on the site after March 9th.

Shana says:
16-Feb-10 06:34 PM

Every weekday at 1pm I have a class. Is it possible to see it after 7pm?

d. hess says:
16-Feb-10 06:08 PM

I have a class during Mar 9 webinar - can it be viewed at another time?

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Garth Sundem
Garth Sundem
How Math Can Solve Everyday Problems

This fun webinar uses basic algebra and a healthy helping of humor to provide fail-safe solutions to just about anything.

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