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STEM Connect Webinar

Learn, Create, and Innovate with Scratch!

Author: Michael Gorman

November 30, 7pm ET

How can you incorporate the arts into STEM?  Scratch, a free programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab, allows students to create their own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art.  As your students work on Scratch projects, they will learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also collaborating with others and sharing their work through the worldwide web. In this webinar Michael Gorman will introduce Scratch, show some beginning basics, give student examples, and show how Scratch can be applied across the curriculum. He will also take you on a tour of the Scratch site and other sites built to get you and your students started. You will discover how to get students a basic beginning and later get them involved in animation, drawing, interactive art, games, math, music, simulations, and even a possible contest. While this webinar will only “scratch” the surface, it will provide the foundation to incorporate Scratch into your curriculum and get students excited about STEM.


Download the archived recording and and pre- and post-webinar resources from the Classroom Connections box to the right.  If you do not see the file you are looking for right away, click on the right arrow at the bottom of the box.

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Grade Level:  3456789101112
Keywords:  scratch programming STEM
Types:  Virtual Events

8g89moo8ke says:
03-Oct-14 12:34 AM

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EJ Research says:
20-Sep-12 07:08 PM

I didn't attend the webinar but recently downloaded the program and started playing with it by following some video tutorials. I then learned that the 'Black Girl Code' conference my 7 yr old great niece will attend plans to use Scratch as one of the tools used to teach programming to young girls. I think she will enjoy the experience primarily because Scratch is so user friendly.

mohmmed says:
21-Mar-12 04:21 AM

I'm a new to Scratch. L'm looking forward to learn

Juan Banda says:
07-Dec-10 07:24 PM

Really enjoyed the Nov 30th webinar! Just wondering how to get the certificate for it. Thanx!!!

Jolanda van Arnhem says:
07-Dec-10 10:47 AM

Inspiring Presentation. Thank you.

Bruce Sacavage says:
02-Dec-10 05:19 AM

My son and I attended the Webinar and immediately afterwards, downloaded the application on our computer. He and I played around with it for 15 or 20 minutes before it was his bedtime but I realized quickly that my 3rd graders could have some real fun with this. Along with the fun part, it would require them to really organize their thoughts to make things work the way they want them to. I requested the program be loaded on our computer lab's computers and look forward to getting my class in there to introduce them to Scratch.

Roberta Rosnik says:
30-Nov-10 04:55 PM

My fifth grade students used Scratch last year to design presentations around the topic or "Going Green" with clean energy. This was part of the MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement) competition. They enjoyed the program, and became very proficient at it! They quickly learned how to access the website for additional tools, and their sprites were flying and doing all kinds of things :)

Michael Gorman says:
29-Nov-10 04:40 PM

Thanks for all of your feedback! I am really excited to have a chance to share with you on November 30! It is awesome that so many people are itching to Scratch. My hope is even more people will want to start Scratching! Get ready to build a foundation, see how it can be used, see some students using it, and find some resources to get your students started. I will even give you a way to sustain your learning by subscribing to my Blog. You will receive some additional scratch posts in the next few weeks that will satisfy your itch for even more knowledge, and still leave you Scratching for more! Thanks for joining me and for RSS or email feeds of my blog visit the below listing! Michael Gorman

Maggie Veres says:
23-Nov-10 01:48 PM

I loved LOGO and Scratch is just as much fun.

Ed Bujak says:
23-Nov-10 01:13 PM

Also tel us what Scratch cannot do ... such as functions. Please show a math/geometry problem using Scratch.

Rashmi Kapil says:
22-Nov-10 10:09 AM

I am new to scratch. I am looking forward to learning about it.

Ivonne Stoner says:
18-Nov-10 07:18 PM

I am completely new and looking forward to include more technology in my classroom.

Tommy Harrison says:
18-Nov-10 01:50 PM

I am new to Scratch, waiting to learn more about it.

stephanie young says:
18-Nov-10 01:40 PM

I am new to Scratch and am looking forward to learning about it so that I can use it with my G/T students.

Wendy Hall says:
18-Nov-10 11:40 AM

My students have played around with Scratch some, but I would love to have some real lessons and resources to use with them.

Troy Dassler says:
11-Nov-10 05:25 PM

I love scratch. I have been using it with students using the XO laptop computer. Great idea!

Ann Northness says:
10-Nov-10 08:42 PM

We are looking for an easy-to-use software that will allow students to make their own video games. I hope youwill explore the many options and help us decide which one would be best. Thanks

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