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STEM Connect Webinar

Flipping Your Classroom with FIZZ

Author: Dr. Lodge McCammon

Presented by Dr. Lodge McCammon
Thursday, March 1, 2012, 7pm ET

For Educators

Join this educator-only webinar to learn how to apply this innovative and effective teaching strategy with none other than the expert himself, Dr. Lodge McCammon, Specialist in Curriculum and Contemporary Media at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. Dr. Lodge will be joined by leading North Carolina teachers from a variety of content areas and grade levels who are exploring how flipped learning works in the public school classroom. We will spend the hour discussing best practices, answering questions and sharing practical resources in order to make it possible for any teacher to start flipping the next day. Oh, and we'll even flip the webinar!

Katie Gimbar, Algebra teacher at Durant Road Middle School, piloted the FIZZ program and will be leading the discussion on the flipped classrooms. Other educators participating:
•    Jennifer Lecorchick, STEM Coordinator, Hilburn Academy Elementary School
•    Erin Lawrence, Science teacher, Wake Forest-Rolesville Middle School
•    Megan Justice, Social Studies teacher, Panther Creek High School
•    Eric Grunden, Chief School Officer, Research Triangle High School (Opening in the fall, 2012)

Learn more about Dr. Lodge and FIZZ here:

Download the Archived Recording and resources from the Classroom Connections box to the right.

Please note that you must register for (by clicking "Register" at the top of the page) in order to download the files.

Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematicsIntegrationInspiration
Grade Level:  3456789101112

Linda Lujan says:
24-Mar-12 08:01 AM

I just listened to the archived feed and am excited to try this in my class. I anm looking forward to seeing how it works with the emotional baggage that keeps getting unpacked in our room! I also like the idea of being able to 'replay' for absentees and students who are distracted.

Jodie Hardenbrook says:
07-Mar-12 08:04 PM

I'd like to see that chat window resources as well. Please and Thanks.

Annette Bennett says:
07-Mar-12 08:15 AM

Is there a way to get a list of the websites that were provided? I really enjoyed the short video clips before the webinar and the information provided within the webinar. Wheels were turning in my own head on how I could incorporate this in teaching my technology classes. I have a few ideas and plan to put them into action with my new group of students coming up next week. Thank you all for sharing.

Joshua Nelson says:
05-Mar-12 11:43 AM

Is it possible for me to access/download the chat feed from the webinar? There were a lot of web sites referenced and I'd like to go back and look at those.

Harriet Oliver says:
02-Mar-12 08:21 AM

Couldn't participate in the webinar, last night. Was it archived for later viewing? Thank You.

Marie Santini says:
01-Mar-12 03:41 PM

I was able to access the series of videos on Youtube. They gave me a pretty good idea of what flipping was.

Marie Santini says:
01-Mar-12 03:36 PM

Iam unable to get the videos to play- error message. I still want to learn about flipping my classroom. I hope this won't affect the webinar.

Ashley Desmarais says:
01-Mar-12 01:25 PM

Finally got the videos to work! My old laptop was the problem. Very excited about the webinar!

Ashley Desmarais says:
01-Mar-12 01:23 PM

I have tried to watch the videos for the homework. Unfortunately I get and error message. I tried other FIZZ videos on the Friday site and they also give me error messages. Help!

nancyann masone says:
28-Feb-12 09:31 PM

Sooo... looking forward to this webinar and an approach that will involve, engage and empower students. Neither link is connecting me to the download for the pre-webinar assignment. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Kate Knox says:
27-Feb-12 11:34 AM

how do I create a password that the site recognizes?

Dr. Lodge says:
27-Feb-12 07:15 AM

Here is another way to get to the pre-webinar homework assignment:

Ashley Davidson says:
24-Feb-12 11:10 AM

I am also not able to open the pre-webinar assignment. I can't wait to some extra background research. So far the comments make it sound interesting!!

Elizabeth says:
24-Feb-12 10:12 AM

I am very interested in learning how to flip my classroom, and I am very excited for the webinar. I have already registered for the webinar, but I realized that I have a schedule conflict. Will I be able to view the webinar after it has already aired? If not, is there some other possibility? Also, my computer does not recognize the .ics document that I need, is it possible I can get the information in a different format?

Mindy Corcoran says:
23-Feb-12 07:28 PM

I am extremely intrigued. My team mates and I were just lamenting the fact that we seem to be repeating ourselves numerous times and many of our students till aren't listening. We are frustrated and some of their peers are showing their frustration as well. I am open to anything that will give me more time for my kids to "experience" science in action and less time with me "lecturing and managing discipline".

Rajwinder Padda says:
23-Feb-12 05:55 PM


Donna Shartzer says:
23-Feb-12 04:20 PM

I am just getting started with Siemens and I like to try innovative strategies to try to motivate my students to learn about science. So, please forgive me if I'm a little "green" on how this works. I am familiar with Prezi and have even tried using other internet technology in the classroom, but feel I need to gain more experience using various technologies to share and allow students to use in the classroom. So I look forward to this webinar.

Kami Hartzell says:
23-Feb-12 04:17 PM

I am unable to open the file. Any other way for me to get the pre-webinar assignment. The email address listed in the confirmation sign up email was also rejected.

S. Woods says:
21-Feb-12 11:24 AM

Sounds great. If you would, pls include "NCSU' along with College of Education on the "From" line. I almost deleted the message. Thanks.

Kristie Meyers says:
14-Feb-12 07:53 PM

Looking forward to this! I have tried this as a "project-based", but not as entire curriculum. Shall be interesting!

Dr, Ruth Patterson says:
13-Feb-12 03:56 PM

I will be flying to Italy on March 1st. Will this be repeated so I can see it...or provided in print format? Sounds wonderful!

John Provenzale says:
12-Feb-12 12:17 PM

This year my students are teaching the lessons. Each grading period I provide them with 35 different topics that we are to cover from the curriculum. Then using the random selector on our SmartBoard the students select their topic. Since the topics are arranged in order, the students are simultaneously determining the date they present their topic to the class. (I provide them with a calendar). Students must use Prezi to present and also provide a class assignment and a quiz. They have to grade their assignment and quiz and then provide me with the results (which I double-check) to put on engrade. My responsibility as teacher is to provide some school computer time and direct them to do their topic research. I also supplement, or reinforce, their teaching as necessary. Students are to stand in front of the class as they present their Prezi. Sometimes student have taken initiative to reward other students who participate with rewards (including class participation points). Assignments don’t have to be written but may be an assignment to draw, color, and label a picture. Assignments may also be a contest such as a Jeopardy game on our SmartBoard. So far the results have been stunning! The students are presenting professional-grade lessons and love teaching and contributing! Also, since I monitor the lesson and class, I can help with any behavior issues more effectively. Sometimes I do have to step in if the student presenting is interacting with the class so much that the students are starting to blurt out. I remind them to respect one another and follow our class rules. Well we just started doing this last grading period and really enjoyed it. However at the start of this grading period I still wanted to let the students vote if they wanted to do it again. I was surprised that it was virtually unanimous in every class! (118/120) The two who didn't want to do it are ok with it but prefer my teaching. One of my considerations and concerns has been that all of these great student presentations will be wasted. Only the students in that particular class will benefit from an outstanding presentation. So I gave extra credit last grading period to a few students who volunteered to teach in my other classes. This grading period I discussed doing this again and also having them present to other 7th grade team classes. (We have three 7th grade teams or houses.-School of 900). Now after watching the intro to the FIZZ concept, I am encouraged to take things yet another step! We can publish student and preserve it for students online. (Of course if they and their parents sign consensus forms).

Mary Anne Seaman says:
01-Feb-12 07:35 AM

I am a Career & Technical Education teacher who teaches Keyboarding and Exploring Business Technology. Exploring Business Technology is more of business and finance type course for middle school students (grades 7 & 8). I am looking forward to learning more about the flipped classroom.

Elaine DiDio says:
25-Jan-12 07:27 AM

One of my middle school teachers, Erin Lawrence, introduced the FIZZ concept to me. She uses the program in her science instruction and has received phenomenal results with her classes! Cannot wait to hear Dr. Lodge. Elaine DiDio, MS, EdS. Secondary Literacy Coach, WCPSS

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